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A New Design in Firearms Safety and Readiness.
  ​Chamber Blocking Device
Directions For Use
  • The ChamberSafe® blocks the chamber, yet permits fast removal for immediate loading and action.

  • The ChamberSafe® design allows the rifle or carbine to be carried with a magazine inserted, chamber unloaded, and be visually identifiable as a firearm with an unloaded chamber.

  • The ChamberSafe® while designed for the AR-15/M-16 system can be employed in many types of semi and full auto rifles and carbines.

The ChamberSafe® is designed for the M-16/M-4 type rifle and carbines. It can be used with other military type rifles and carbines such as the M-14/M1A that have an extractor enclosed within the bolt.

Some rifles/carbines have a sharp inner ejection port edge that can cut into the ChamberSafe® if the operator allows the bolt to slam forward against the ChamberSafe®. Crushing or cutting of the ChamberSafe® will result in a reduced service life or breakage of the ChamberSafe®.

DO NOT use the ChamberSafe® with SHOTGUNS or other type of semi-auto firearms that have an extractor that extends forward of the bolt.   The action of pulling the ChamberSafe® out of the shotgun could cause damage to the extractor and render the firearm inoperable.

Step 1—
Before first use, bend the long leg of the ChamberSafe® into a curve to ease insertion into the chamber of the rifle. (See Figure 1).​
​When using the ChamberSafe®, practice proper safety precautions:
1.            Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.
2.           Never point a weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot.
3.           Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
4.           Keep the weapon on safe until you intend to fire.

Step 2—
  • Safety engaged.
  • Muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  • Clear the rifle of all ammunition.

While holding or locking the bolt of the rifle to the rear, insert the long leg of the ChamberSafe® through the ejection port and into the firing chamber. (See Figure 2).
​​WARNING, the ChamberSafe® MUST be inserted into the firing chamber to block the chamber from being loaded and to ensure that a round of ammunition is not remaining in the chamber due to an extraction failure. If the ChamberSafe®’s long leg does not go all the way into the chamber, it indicates that there is possibly a live round (or an empty case, or some other blockage) already in the chamber.

Step 3—
Gently release the bolt against the ChamberSafe® so that it is held firmly in place. For field deployment, a loaded magazine can be inserted and locked into magazine well. (ChamberSafe® does not prevent inserting or emoving a magazine while in place.) If the rifle is needed for firing use, grasp the ChamberSafe® through the open ring with one or two fingers and pull firmly and quickly away from the rifle (See Figure 3). The ChamberSafe® can be immediately discarded. The user may then choose to load the rifle by pulling the bolt to the rear or carry the rifle with the chamber empty until deciding to load, or re-secure the rifle.

Step 4—
After removing the ChamberSafe®, if the operator has not chambered a round of ammunition and desires to re-secure with an empty chamber in the rifle; remove the magazine and follow Steps 1-3 above.

 Step 5—
If a round of ammunition has been chambered, and the operator chooses to unload and return to the original rifle readiness condition; using all safety precautions, follow steps 1-3. The operator may then reinsert the magazine or not, as conditions or policy dictates.


Inspect ChamberSafe® on a regular basis for signs of wear, cutting, or cracking, as extended or hard use may cause the ChamberSafe® to become damaged which could render the rifle unavailable for use when desired or needed. The ChamberSafe® should be discarded and replaced if signs of damage appear. Do not attempt to fire the rifle while any portion of the ChamberSafe® remains in the firearm.

If you are not familiar with the operation of your rifle, do not use ChamberSafe® until you have been trained and understand the operation and use of the rifle.
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